[100% off] Transacting on the Blockchain

Transacting on the Blockchain

Transacting on the Blockchain


  • Describe seven types of cryptoassets, and explain what it means to “tokenize” an asset

  • Explain what a smart contract is, as well as various applications of smart contracts

  • Explore the features of a distributed, self-sovereign identity system

  • Describe eight core functions of the financial services industry and explain how blockchain will disrupt each of these functions

About this Course

Today, large intermediaries establish trust in our economy and control the movement, storage, and allocation of money and assets. The status quo, however, is rife with inefficiencies. In this course, we’ll address the many challenges of the status quo and discuss how cryptoassets, smart contracts, new identity systems, and new financial business models can help overcome them. You’ll learn how blockchain technology empowers individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses with the tools they need to help level the playing field and to participate in the value they create. By the end of this course, you’ll learn how and why transacting on the blockchain can help us bring about a future that is faster, fairer, and more distributed than the world we inhabit today.

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